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(FCC lighting tests)
The FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club) of Hong Kong have recently asked me to shoot 100 staff portraits. 
In preparation for this commission, I decided to shoot some selfies.
Ultimately the challenge is to see how creative I can be with limited equipment.  You see as a traveling photographer, portability is key.  In my world, I want to be able to produce stunning portraiture, but without having to charter a jumbo jet to get to my next location shoot. Using the latest LED lightweight light technology is I think part of the success.  We live in technologically driven times and this is true when it comes to lighting. These are exciting times to be a photographer indeed.
Some of these portraits are certainly tongue in cheek. All of them are supposed to teach me something new.  Develop work processes and make careful notes on the type of light used and it's effect on subject.  And then to note what kind of 'vibe' I can achieve with each set up. The series is on-going. The series is far from complete.  The learning never stops!
Richard Mark Dobson
Sai Kung, Hong Kong.
June 2020.

Self Portrait # 1  Ultraman

Self Portrait # 2  Our Man from Havanna

Self Portrait # 3  The Photojournalist

Self Portrait # 4  Dond.  Dick Dond.

Self Portrait.  Johnnie Walker.  Keep Looking

Self Portrait # 7   Didley Sqott

Self Portrait # 8  Determinator

Self Portrait # 9  Devo Dobbo

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