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Quality. Fact or Fiction

I purposely use a MidJourney render, not a particularly good one either from one of my own, text prompts 'e-mobility and sustainability' for I rather like this visual. The colours. The green earth. The balloon in the sky. It's fun trying to decipher some of the objects that the AI engine created. A few are comical, others beguiling. Seen together, they suggest to me notions of finding a balance between progress, all the while protecting the earth. Our fragile home in the Universe. Certainly the fun thing about AI art, is we never really know what we're going to get. But does it matter? It's AI art. Its illustration. It's fiction. Not fact.

My craft is photography and film. I remain true to my 'calling'. That is step outside, go explore the world and capture reality with a camera. I remain steadfast in my pursuit of filmic interpretations of our world. And story telling with stills and motion. AI generated art and AI photo-realistic images from text prompts are make believe. Unbelievably so.

Photography for me is essentially about capturing time, place, vibe and presenting message. Story. I see therefore I question. I want to know more. Real places. Real people. Real issues. Real time!

My business is evolving as I evolve. I develop an interest in the world of sustainable living, renewable energy, e-mobility, and the really big one is The Circular Economy. This is where I, and my photography and video production company Aeronautica look for inspiration. I want to align myself with the Circular Economists.

They include Adrienna Zsakay @adriennazsakay and her work at Circular Economy Asia.

From this point on, I study three subjects, Circular Economics, the subject of Quality and lastly, what I will call 'My Freedom Charter'.

I hope as I learn to be able to share my journey with you. Aeronautica is here to mar quality photography and video while developing quality PR and branding content for quality people, working for quality companies producing quality concepts and quality products.


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